Festival Euro Mediterraneo Sicilia


The region of Sicilia (Sicily), the southernmost, triangular island of Italy, is unfortunately mostly known for being the birthplace of Mafia – but it has a long and noble history to it, obviously related for geographical reasons to Greek and Arabian cultures. This is most evident in the many archaeological remains of temples, settlements, theatres and so on, all of them clearly more Greek in style than Roman. Two theatres in particular are the highlights: one in Siracusa, the other in Taormina – both very well preserved and used to this day for hauntingly evocative shows, especially in summer. The relatively young Festival Euro Mediterraneo uses both locations over a long calendar starting in mid-July and ending in early September, which is to say through the whole Italian school holidays period. In a country and region strongly oppressed by corruption, this festival shines as it is privately managed in its entirety, without any State subsidy as it is common for the arts.

Such a setup means that the festival is completely funded by its tickets, hence it has to follow an “easy” selection of works to attract the general public. This however doesn’t equal going for cheap shows: the productions are in fact top quality, with fans travelling from all over the country and Europe to enjoy their favorite stage shows in such a particular setting. Talking about the shows themselves, the focus of the festival has recently shifted from classical (meaning: ancient Greek and Roman) theatre to opera. Beside famous works such asAida and Rigoletto, however, the calendar offers classic and modern dance, classical music concertos, operetta and more.