Ferrara buskers festival


Sometimes the simplest things are also the most beautiful. This is the case with the Buskers Festival held in and around Ferrara over the end of August. The event is simply an invitation open to all the street artists in the world to come over and perform, filling the calendar of the dozens of designated spots with a continuous feast of music, performing arts and fun.

The festival began in 1987 and quickly grew to become the largest event in the world dedicated to busking. Today it counts over one thousand artists from more than 40 different nations, and it is so big that it had to extend to nearby towns, to which it moves entirely during the weekdays in order to keep Ferrara somewhat functional.

The Buskers Festival in fact attracts a public of over 800.000 persons whom the town simply cannot manage easily, so if you plan to attend you are advised to book well in advance or in a neighbouring city, otherwise you are going to suffer the effects of such a crowd. On the other hand, such a commotion surely is fun, and makes for continuous surprises as you happen on the impromptu performances of musicians, painters, mimes, actors, jugglers, body painters, acrobats, firebreathers, clowns and more.

The Ferrara festival thus becomes a great opportunity also to meet different cultures or to make friends with the artists themselves, full of interesting stories from their lives on the road. If you ever wondered whether you have the right stuff to become a busker yourself, this is also the place to be to attend many workshops and conferences on the state of street arts.