Fair rice in Isola della Scala


Those of you fond of the traditional italian food should plan an autumn vacation in the Northern Italy. The best food festivals are celebrated here during September and October. One of them is The Rice Fair in Isola della Scala, an annual reunion of rice manufacturers and chefs from Veneto Region. The little town, located not far away from Verona, fills with joy during the Rice Fair. The Rice Fair was first established in 1967, furthering the tradition of the many smaller fairs that were held across the countryside during the harvest: born as a small stand serving simple rice and wine over a weekend at the town center, the fair has now extended to a duration of three weeks between September and October, boasting over half a milliol visitors and more than 15o Exhibitors from all around Italy.

The name Isola della Scala can be misleading, as not physically on an island this nice town develops itself: since the XII century, the family della Scala became Lords of these lands (hence part of the name), but the word Isola (i.e. island) derives from the fact that in times past, the countryside was so watery and morasses developed so extensively that it must have appeard like an island in the middle of the inland. Because of the presence of extensive morasses, one can well understand the vocation to rice of these lands. Swarms of tourists come to see colorful parades, concerts, and to taste the famous local recipe – Risotto all’Isolana. It is cooked with rice, beef and pork, and its secrets are handed from generation to generation. Rice is, even more so than pasta, the traditional staple food of these regions and one may not be aware that the North of Italy retains since long the supremacy of the rice production in Europe. If you find yourself fascinated about the delicacies you have tasted at the rice fair, you’ll be able to buy them from the Rice Fair’s stands and take them home with you.

Isola della Scala is also named the town of rice, as the rice produced here became a symbol of Veneto region. Local chefs are famous for cooking thousands of rice recipes during The Rice Fair. You will have a chance to taste the best courses because restaurants, pizza parlors and trattorias compete with each other, willing to provide excellent dishes that would attract tourists. For more details about the Rice Fair, check the official web site http://www.fieradelriso.it/