Enologica Montefalco


The Sagrantino variety of grape is an extremely tannic cultivar that gives excellent dessert wines almost black in color. It is almost exclusively grown in the Italian region of Umbria, around the village of Montefalco. This is a very small and unassuming place, yet it is also where one of the most important wine event in the world is held, called Enologica and currently at its 34th edition.

Enologica has two souls to it. The former and probably most important is the professional one, with conferences sponsored by over thirty large local wineries. This is where the state of the winemaking industry is discussed and plans are made to make this culture better known, greener and – of course – more profitable. While these events are actually very interesting to the initiated, the second side of Enologica is however what you’ll probably like the best. In the days open to the public Montefalco becomes the stage for a number of spectacular events – first and foremost the tasting sessions, guided by expert sommeliers who allow everyone to appreciate the finer points of the Sagrantino quality.

These are accompanied by a series of concerts, book presentations, laymen’s conferences and shows. Especially remarkable are the walking tours among the vineyards – during which you can learn all about how the grapes (and the wines) are produced – and the course in matching the right cigars with every wine. Enologica ends with a small parade of wine-inspired floats… until the next year, when everybody is able to taste the results of any decision taken by the winemakers during the previous edition.