CioccolaTò Exhibition


CioccolaTò Exhibition (or Cioccola-To from Cioccolato + Torino – i.e. Chocolate + Turin) is the event that celebrates the centennial history of the artisanal chocolate in the city of Turin (Torino) in Piedmont, with dates that have been varying over the years, from March to November. Despite its relatively recent inception, the CioccolaTò Exhibition, established in 2003, invites you not to miss the appointment with “food of the Gods“, which over the course of the centuries has found in Piedmont (and Turin especially) one of its worldwide capitals. CioccolaTò discloses the more and less known facts about the history of chocolate in the City of Turin, which boasts an ancient chocolate tradition and some of the most delicious inventions (like the gianduia chocolate). Since 1600’s, Turin is in fact considered one of the (not only european) capitals of chocolate: several inventions, like the Prochet chocolate with hazelnuts or the first machine to industrially confection chocolate, were born here.

The locations hosting the many initiatives from Cioccolatò, like meeting with the experts, the tastings, the cultural and entertainment appointments, the fun-learning sessions for kids and adults alike, linked to both the made in Italy and the international chocolate, are usually those in the heart of the city of Turin, like Piazza Vittorio Veneto or Piazza San Carlo.Restaurants, bars and shops in the city center are involved in the kermesse and especially animated with chocolate-themed activities.Organized by the “Gruppo Apice”, the CioccolaTò Exhibition is patronized by the territory Institutions and by the main local category Associations, as well as by the prestigious  “Academy of Chocolate” from London. So, what are you waiting for? Visit the external link to the CioccolaTò Exhibitoin ( ) for more info on the event of the year dedicated to the City of Turin and to the italian chocolate.