Arezzo Wave


Traditionally held in the second half of July, the Arezzo Wave Love Festival (as it is technically called, even if everyone just refers to it as ‘Arezzo Wave’) is one of the most important rock festivals in Italy. The event has had a rather spotty life so far, with occasional stops and changes of location: for most of its existence, however, it did happen in the nice town of Arezzo and it seems now to be back on track.

Born as a secondary event to a fanzine convention, Arezzo Wave quickly grew to international stature thanks to the participation of several pretty important artists such as Moby, Guano apes, Sonic youth, Nick Cave and many more. The majority of the bands appearing in its three-to-six days program (again, the duration changes from year to year) is however Italian, with a good mix between high-profile artists, indies and new, emerging bands. These are selected through a series of contests held all over Italy during the year, and for them to be on one of the four stages erected throughout the city is often the key to star status. Arezzo Wave, that in recent editions has been forced to impose a ticketing system to limit the crowds which have been building up constantly since the free beginnings in 1987, has also grown to include various side events. Among them there have been art exhibitions, theatre festivals, gaming conventions, film selections, sports contests, social conferences and more that – you guessed it – do pop up and disappear from the program edition after edition, making each year a really unique and hardly predictable experience.