Far from being (solely) a noisy and extremely busy display of the masterpieces of the italian wine production, VinItaly is the official expo of the italian wine production system to the world. As such, it is the formal instrument of the “Ministero del Commercio” (Ministry of Commerce) since 1967, organized each year in the area of Fiera di Verona, adjacent to the city and where all the major exhibitions and fairs are established.

Over 4000 producers (!) present, with their own stand, the results of their expertise and production; each of the 21 italian regions are represented across 18 maxi-tents, where a daedalus of streets and ways that create the road of the italian wine unwinds (over 95’000 sqm of covered surface across multiple tents representing one or more of the italian regions. VinItaly brings together producers, importers, distributors, catereres, technicians, journalists and opinion leaders from around the World.

Each year over 50 (fifty) themed tasting events of both italian and foreign wines are organized, with a stunning program of conventions and conferences which deal with the main aspects of the wine making business, with presentation of studies and analyses provided by the VinItaly Observatory for Studies and Research. Taking place between March and April, a 5-days visit is by far not enough to experience everything the Vinitaly has to offer.

The sheer amount of producers makes it highly unlikely that one would manage to visit all the stands (let alone taste all the wines!). Yes, the Vinitaly is not just a display of wines; visitors can “freely” taste from the range of products from each wine-maker. It has to be said that, with a price of 40 EUR for a daily ticket, it could appear as the entrance is not coming in cheap.

But this is no ordinary “fair”: wine makers from all over the Belpaese are confronted with expenses and organizational efforts to maintain their stands in full operation… with the wine “flowing”. Do not get me wrong, Vinitaly is about “tasting” wine, not about merely “drinking” it – nor it should be. What it means is that small amounts are poured by expert sommeliers, so that a bottle is not depleted by a few “enthusiasts” and that the experience can be appreciated by more people and for a longer period of time.

VinItaly has evolved, over the years, into a huge event dedicated to the culture of wine and its diffusion, playing the role of the ambassador of the italian wine across the globe. The whole city of Verona is taking part to the organization, with “VinItaly for You” taking place at the historical heart of this wonderful city, open to all the wine passionates at the Palazzo della Guardia in Piazza Bra. Visit the external link to the Vinitaly Expo ( ) to learn more about the program, the organization, prices and timings.