There aren’t only renowned culinary specialties in our Belpaese, but also an ancient and deep-rooted tradition of craftsmanship, which is known all over the world. Today particularly, Italian Traditions takes you to discover the ancient art of Vicenza, known as the goldsmith's capital. The city, that for centuries boasts a not indifferent record in the production of jewelry in Italy, since 1946 houses one of the most important national and international jewelry fairs.

Once the site of the event used to be in the stands of the Vicenza Fair at Giardini Salvi, but in 1972 was inaugurated a new, more functional and versatile structure in via dell’Oreficeria, named “The Aztec Temple”, enriched in 2013 by a new large stand.

VICENZAORO was the first national exhibition of gold and silver. Nowadays, enormously increased,  it proposes itself as a leader in the luxury sector, enriched by numerous exhibitors and partners, supported by the same entity of the fair in enlarging their market looking to the international trade. Furthermore, always focusing to the future, it contributes to revive the collective potential of the “Made in Italy”  strategy and the spirit of the European “savoir-faire”.

The fair is developed in a unique and innovative exhibition format, called “The Boutique Show”: which are recognizable thematic areas that optimize and simplify the experience of the fair, highlighting the target audience, the placement and the purchasing group of each company relative to the global market. This year VICENZAORO is divided into six districts: Icon (with the most prestigious boutiques and stores of the world's great metropolises), Creation (with companies linked to traditional goldsmith’s industrial districts), Look (with companies and innovative research designers in the fields of fashion and accessories), Essence (with exhibitors and companies related to the processing and to the trade in all the essential parts of the jewel),  Expression (bound to the commercial environment and visual jewel marketing), Evolution (with machinery and raw materials for the machining of precious materials).

In 2017 the edition of Vicenzaoro will be divided into three events: January and T-Gold (from January 20th to the 25th), September (from September 23rd to the 27th). The common thread will be the theme of sustainability, for a responsabile gold mining. The nearby event in January remains the privileged meeting for the presentation of the new collections and anticipate the trends of the year.

VICENZAORO is also an opportunity for events and major projects related to the gold industry: first of all the award ceremony of the 5th edition of the Andrea Palladio Jewelry Awards, the prestigious Oscar of the international jewelry industry, just one of many goldsmiths contests that revolve around the universe of the fair. As evidence of the creative and dynamic spirit of VICENZAORO there are also the magazine Vicenzaoro Magazine, which since 1984 serves as a further magnifying glass for the gold sector, and the new app with the show guide of the fair. VICENZAORO therefore remains the best opportunity for the operators of the goldsmith sector to meet, compare each other and expand their business in a dynamic environment based on a live overview of the future of this art.