The good in the beautiful: best Italian wines make stop in Rome


Italy is not only the land of good food, but also of renowned wine that boast a long tradition. From north to south, each region has its typical grapes and there is no foreigner who does not know the name of at least one of the Belpaese’ wine. For years in Rome Luca Maroni, a recognized authority in the field of sensory analysis, organizes the exhibition I Migliori Vini Italiani, an event that celebrates the world of wine with the participation of over 100 exhibitors and more than 600 labels. Whether you are a real wine enthusiast or wine lovers, you can not miss this occasion and Italian Traditions will tell you why.

During the four days of the fair, visitors will discover through a fascinating journey the best labels of Italian wine production, free for tasting. Delicious culinary specialties of accredited food Made in Italy companies will enrich the tasting. There are also several side events program, including Wine Tasting, tasting workshops by Luca Maroni in collaboration with the SILIS Group Association (Italian Sign Language, LIS), focusing on its sensory analysis methodology, during which the audience of enthusiasts can discover the organoleptic characteristics of about ten wines of companies attending the event. New this year is Sentori Di-Vini: tastings of wines and scents led by Luca Maroni, Ambra and Giorgia Martone of LabSolue in an original team game and references, a new comparison to the discovery of olfactory landscapes of nature and wine.

Cornerstone of the event remains the inauguration: this year includes the usual presentation of awards by Luca Maroni in the most important Italian wine companies. The award will alternate musical moments and artistic representations, the exclusive presence of the press and of the industry. The wines will be awarded according to the scientific tasting method created by the same Luca Maroni, based on the principle that the quality of the wine is the pleasure of its taste and  three parameters, Consistency, Balance and Integrity.

Finally, for all those who want to visit the exhibition with their children during the weekend there is a chance to entertain the little ones in the space of the recreation center, with workshops and dedicated activities, related to the vineyard, grape and food preparations.

If we have convinced, you just need to come to Rome, to the Salone delle Fontane dell’Eur, February 16 to 19 and prepare the nose and the palate!