Tasty appointments


From ice-cream to craft pastry, in one word, Sigep.

For all those who wish to savor the taste with both palate and eyes of the best art of ice-cream, pastry and worldwide bread-making, all accompanied by a good coffee, the best opportunity comes back with Sigep, the Italian trade show dedicated to professionals from all around the world, in the fields of ice-cream, craft pastry, bread-making, combined with the world of coffee, which has now reached the 38th edition. Italian Traditions tells you of this extraordinary exhibition, of all advances, trends and innovations of the four chains.

Master ice-cream makers, creative confectioners, bakers who hand down techniques and cultures, but also technicians, producers, entrepreneurs or even just simple sweet tooth have gathered at the Fiera di Rimini to get lost in the taste within the eleven stands per 60.000 m² of tasty proposals, amongst creativity and technology. The exhibition, since its inception proved immediately to be a functional symbiosis amongst innovative companies and export-oriented, great masters, training and international events. 

A full calendar of events and competitions with prizes amongst the artisans of the industry, who now take place throughout the whole year and that here is at its most intense has made Sigep an international showcase for the Masters around the world and for new and young professionals, also thanks to a network of collaborators, to the fair and to events that are now amongst over forty countries.

Amongst the events to be put on the agenda, The Gelato World Cup (which biennially involves ice-cream, pastry, chocolate and gourmet professionals from the 5 Continents), the selection of the teams taking place in each continent, The Gelato World Tour (the first itinerant international competition to research the best taste of ice cream in the world), Italian Bartender Championships (the best bartenders and coffee experts contend for the title of national champion to represent Italy in the world), and Bread in the city (the international challenge dedicated to bakers). For all these reasons Sigep continues to confirm to be a huge attraction for extra-sector investors and the privileged channel of communication from companies in the sector.

Since 2014 a platform is active, linked to the event, useful to facilitate the opening of ice-cream parlors worldwide and since 2015 the fair collaborates for the prestigious project Certification of Italian Ice Cream Abroad with the patronage of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. This year, moreover, for visitors are available benefits and promotions that come with being part of the exclusive club Sigep Web Friends.

Sigep, which will take place from the 21st to the 25th of January 2017, thus remains the best opportunity in the BelPaese in which the members of the industry, as well as amateur enthusiasts, can enjoy excellent products and stay informed about the latest trends of the ambit, making a full of taste and entertainment.