Motor Show Bologna 2016


After two skipped editions and the last one - that of 2014 - below every expectations, it is back to Bologna the historic event of the automotive world. From 3 to 11 December, the hearts of fans will be inflamed by a rich calendar of events, competitions, shows, live shows and news.

For its forty years, the Salone Internazionale dell’Auto has reinvented itself with a new highly oriented marketing formula, which takes into account the new situation, draws on the positive experiences of the past years for a full immersion with the car to 360°. Experiential and passionate approach, with new models on display, a lot of culture, spaces dedicated to the sale of exclusive vintage cars, sample performance, and the ability to tell the car's contents through the presence of the key components. A motor show aimed at young people, universities, start-ups, with digital and virtual challenges to stimulate ideas for future.

Bolognese festival born in 1976 will present many historical and automakers clubs with their latest models, options and new technologies, and visitors will have the opportunity to try them. The Motor Show 2016 program will consist of performances of two four wheels in the legendary Area 48 of BolognaFiere, driving courses organized by ACI, a section dedicated to selling of used cars and a pavilion, "Passione Classica", for exposure rare pieces from museums and private collections. Also planned events dedicated to the future of the automotive industry with in-depth tables, conferences on car culture and events that will involve the public and the production chain. Not only shows and self preview presentations, but also a chance to test the cars, especially the 4x4, on an off road path set up specifically for SUVs and off-road.

Among the most eagerly awaited is the specific app that you can configure for the test drive of the car that you want to try. In practice, the visitors can plan on the web of a specific machine test drive through the dedicated app. But the main event will undoubtedly be the historic Memorial Bettega: to the delight of the fans back, in fact, the race rally dedicated to the driver Attilio Bettega, who died May 2, 1985.

To quote the words of Rino Drogo, led the team that BolognaFiere put on track, "will be a motor show for those who love the roar of engines, for fans of the beautiful cars of the past, for those who want to learn about new technology solutions, the leading connectivity systems, intelligent and super-equipped car towards the future." Ready to warm the engines?