Timeless apparels for every occasion – multiwear, anytime, anywhere

YOGAESSENTIAL has created a versatile clothing collection with a sober, simple and timeless design. High quality apparels all made in Italy with superior fabrics. Sober and elegant versatility inspires every garment at YOGAESSENTIAL. It is a new concept of clothing that changes with your style or the accessories you choose. Timeless apparels for every occasion and every moment of your day. Passe-partout models that don’t follow the fashion mandates but become precious partners in the wardrobe of a modern woman who is always on the run. She hardly finds the time to decide what to wear but wants to feel comfortable in every occasion remaining faithful to her elegant and essential style.
Ideal as pre-maman ware.

Our woman: dynamic, modern, busy, elegant

We dress a sober and elegant woman that manages with great vitality work, family and leisure. She is extremely busy and she chooses dresses and accessories that help her improve her daily life. She wears essential outifits, with clean and simple design and appreciates high quality products. She travels a lot and needs easy-to-wear garments, made with stretch materials that can be worn without ironing even after a long trip: they come out from your suitcase ready to be the ideal and complete outfit for a business meeting or an elegant dinner.

The tradition of the Italian production system

Our philosophy lies in the choice of Italian suppliers and on the strict control of our production chain. Our collection is made with a selection of refined Italian fabrics, created by modern firms highly specialized in the production of top quality Jerseys. The fabrics are created with special modern technologies and a constant R&D activity to produce the first tier products with full respect of the highest quality standards.
The tailoring of the whole collection is made by Italian dressmakers, who have a long production tradition. Every garment is carefully sewn and checked down to the smallest details, enabling YOGAESSENTIAL to sell a product tailored to the highest standards.



Capi multiwear naturali ispirati allo stile di vita e ai valori dello yoga

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