Villa Feriani


Located in Veneto, Villa Feriani agritourism was built in the late seventeenth century on an early fifteenth-century Gothic building of which there are two brick arches exposed in the barn.

The main facade, facing south-east towards the garden is divided into three sectors. The emerging middle sector is characterized, on the ground floor, by a hanging in smooth ashlar, in which there are three round arches. Villa Feriani has two restored apartments housed in barns next to the villa.

The barn grafted to his right side is preceded by a portico with large arches on pillars, while separated from these buildings stands an octagonal chapel and one of the few cases of Baroque style in Vicenza. Inside there is the high altar with sculptures attributed to Pietro Cavaliere, and the small left-side altar with the image of the Virgin, consecrated in 1711, by the Marinali school.

We produce organic fruits and vegetables, typical sausages from Vicenza, marinated vegetables, jams and other products without chemical additives, preservatives, thickening or coloring agents. We like to work as they did once in the countryside, for that reason our production do not focuses on quantity but on quality.

We are located in a strategic position between Vicenza and Padova, reachable within few minutes. Moreover we are placed in the heart of Veneto, and our farmhouse is the ideal starting point to reach the main sights of the region, such as Verona, Venice, Bassano and Marostica.

Villa Feriani


A Venetian Villa where the history blends with the serenity of the surrounding countryside

via Borgo, 16 36047 Colzè di Montegalda (Vi)

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