Villa Feanda


Villa Feanda was built by the Marquis of Liveri at the end of '700. In 1993, thanks to Carrella family, the villa has been restored to its former glory.

The inner courtyard, the dovecote, the defending towers, the waterfall and the conservatory were recovered and valued. Today Villa Feanda retains the charm and tradition of the past, proposing to  demanding and refined customers the ancient charm and modern amenities. ù

The charming architecture, with spacious lounges and modernly equipped meeting rooms, coupled with the quality of the service and the beautiful surroundings of lawns and lush gardens, make Villa Feanda the ideal venue for weddings, meetings, gala dinners, graduations and birthdays.

For young married couples looking for a quiet and classy place, ​​Villa Feanda offers the opportunity to enjoy the whole structure in "exclusive".

The staff of Villa Feanda is able to provide all the services needed to turn your dream wedding into a magical and memorable reality

The kitchen is entrusted to the Executive Chef V. Pignatelli, who for over 14 years has a great successes for excellent dining.

Villa Feanda

Organization of weddings

Historic residence, fine cuisine, an extraordinary attention to detail.

Via Per Palma 92 80035 Nola – NAPOLI

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