San Giovannello


San Giovannello is a farm located in Sicily and belonging to the La Placa family for generations. Nestled in the hills near Villarosa (Enna), a short walk from sulfur mines that represented the history of these places of the Sicilian hinterland.

The farm has about 48 hectares. The specialty of the owner Carla is the cultivation of legumes like black lentil of the hills of Enna, cicerchia of Aidone, the broad bean of Leonforte, the Sultan chickpeas and Sicilian ancient grains, preserving them from extinction, respecting nature, sustainability and above all transparency; these are the foundations of biological philosophy of San Giovannello through the work and passion of Carla.

The company offers products at km 0 in addition to those mentioned above, also the extra virgin olive oil, the Sicilian grapes, almonds, saffron, crushed intact flour and pasta drawn in bronze and dried slowly.

All products are organically grown and sold in specialized stores, directly affect farmers' markets and national fairs, and on-line by the ecomerce site. In addition the company offers holiday services in a comfortable accomodation where you can stay and enjoy a good breakfast. Carla La Placa has won the prize de@terra 2012, announced by the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Forestry; she also represented Sicily in Italy pavilion at Expo 2015 in Milan.

In 2016 Carla has contributed to the birth of the "Simenza - cumpagnia siciliana sementi contadine" that safeguards the Sicilian biodiversity.

San Giovannello

Organic farming

Local products and relaxing accommodation in the Sicilian countryside

C.da San Giovannello 94010, Villarosa (EN)

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