Salumificio Coccia


Salumificio Coccia is a company operating on the Italian territory for over 60 years, combining tradition and innovation. We link the strength of typical family business with the capacity to look to the future and the needs of an ever more informed customers.

For our products we use only fresh meat Nazionale Certificata guaranteed by ethical farms. Together with the experience gained over the years, it allows us to have high quality products. In fact, our entire range is entirely gluten-free and lactose-free.

We constantly search for raw materials from our area to combine with our products: in fact, we have recently introduced three products born from the collaboration with many producers of Tuscia: Delizia della Tuscia (cooked Aleatic style salami), salami with red onion and salami with pecorino.

An unique excellence at Italian level is definitely the one of salami with saffron, which is produced in limited quantities and numbered piece by piece.

The newest member of the family has a fancy name, fully reflecting its characteristics: "Il Magnifico", a tenderloin seasoned with fine Etruscan Tuscia wines.

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Salumificio Coccia

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