Revolution Food

Founded in 2010 in Perugia, Revolution Food is a young company created by young people who wants to meet the demands of people on a gluten free diet.

The company's objective is to accompany the client at all hours of the day with simple foods that come from the tradition, but made with special attention to the nutritional values, for a total tranquility in consumption.

Gluten free Passion

The passion that daily feeds our project is an irreplaceable ingredient for the manufacture of our products and of our blends.


The Revolution Food project embodies a philosophy that embraces the whole world of healthy eating and living a life in freedom. Revolution, in fact, it has in his name the energy of change and the approach to the gluten-free world. Statistical studies show that consumers with special needs are penalized in the enjoyment of fresh products, for that reason the company focuses its attention on micro-laboratory activity with fresh products sales.


The production cycle through selected operators and evolving technologies, ensure very high production standards in quality and safety. Cyclically, external testing laboratories test the entire range of products on the market. Revolution Food pays attention to the nutritional values using high quality raw materials without GMO, hydrogenated fats and preservatives.

Revolution Food

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