Olio Roi


Roi is a small manufacturer that offers the highest quality extra virgin oils, real cru, result of an accurate annual and territorial selection of the best Ligurian olives.

The Roi mill is located in Badalucco, surrounded by the colors and scents of Argentina Valley, inland of San Remo, Ligurian Riviera di Ponente. As well as in Badalucco store, Roi products are sold in major stores of foods in the world, Germany, USA, Dubai, Japan, Switzerland, Austria, and of course in Italy. Eataly, the prestigious store specializing in the sale of typical food and quality, honor us as their preference.

Our production of Extra Virgin Olive Oil is derived exclusively from the first cold pressing of the Taggiasca olives cultivar with millstones.

The processing is carried out without heating the olive paste and without the addition of hot water to the paste and the oily must, conferring Roi Virgin Olive Oil greater superiority bionutrizionale and organoleptic and better conservation.

In addition to oil, typical of Roi production are the Ligurian olives in brine or pitted in extra virgin olive oil, pesto and sauces of the local tradition. All Roi products are stored in extra virgin olive oil that enhances the characteristics and taste and guarantees a perfect preservation.

We invite you to visit the educational farm where Rossella Boeri welcomes schools and visitors by involving them in activities and sending them her passion for the olive world.

Olio Roi

Oil Mill

Since 1900 manufacturers of high-quality DOP oils in the Italian Riviera

Via Argentina, 1 18010 Badalucco (IM)

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