Monti della Luna


The ski and snowboard School Monti della Luna is located in the area of Monti della Luna, in the Susa Valley, with Sagnalonga as the center, an area that has always fascinated visitors with its explosive nature.

Easily accessible on skis, snowmobiles and chairlifts, Monti della Luna became one of the most beautiful and evocative place of the ski resort Via Lattea, which over time has been enriched with accommodation facilities, a ski school and a small village nestled in the snow for almost six months a year.

Since 1991 the school works in three offices located in the municipalities of Cesana Torinese and Claviere. The headquarters is located directly on the snow, in Sagnalonga, a hamlet of Cesana, and is equipped with a brand new, fully equipped rental and a comfortable children's school.

Ski School Monti della Luna is specialized in ski, snowboard and telemark and uses a close-knit and of highly skilled masters team, attentive to the needs of each student. Seriousness and passion has allowed the company to offer clients a rental service, laboratory and shop in each of the locations where it operates.

The construction of the snow-making facilities in the Monti della Luna area, together with the most important and recent modernization of the lifts, due to the revival of the Olympic Winter Games (Torino 2006), has increased the possibility to reach this area for every need: sunbathe, have lunch in a breathtaking scenery, learn an outdoor sport. The area is accessible by plants purchasing a rising ski pass called Winter Trekking.

Monti della Luna

Ski School

Since 1991 in Monti della Luna area

Frazione Sagnalonga 10054 Cesana Torinese

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