Molino Iaquone


A story of passion and tradition is that of Iaquone family, which for over 65 years produces a wide range of flours for not only professionals but also for home use.

And it is precisely this passion the engine of the Iaquone company. The care in the selection of the grain, the experience, tradition and innovation help us to make our unique flour.

The founder Rocco Iaquone began in 1950 with stone grinding, still used for our five flour, then followed by the natural transformation in mill cylinders. Family and tradition were and remain the pillars of the Molino Iaquone now as then.

The old milling culture has been enriched by the researching and development, where the great technical work done by various associations by master pizza makers, professional craftsmen in the world of bread, pasta, pastry meets with the wise art of selection, processing and mixing of the infinite variety of grains, and alternative nobles natural ingredients such as the mother dough.

A modern rheological laboratory and a center for technical and training tests complete the structure Molitoria IAQUONE, guarantee the constant quality of our products and contribute in a fundamental way to research and development.

Molino Iaquone

Italian Mill

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