Magia Snc

Magia is a company behind a great experience in the production of handmade boxes, Florentine boxes, wrapped boxes, boxes for pastry, books, photo albums and gift items.

Our products range from wedding favor boxes for the exclusive and personalized packaging. The route branches off the Magic by a thirty-year craftsmanship in the manufacture of high quality stationery items using materials such as cardboard, paper, fabric, leather, Florentine paper. Our extensive experience allows the customer to choose from a range of sizes, patterns, materials and graphics solutions; Also failing to obtain packages characterized by a 'Excellent and unique aesthetics, curing and processing every little detail, every detail, always innovative, that will not go unnoticed. MAGIC is an artisan of boxes and gift items, which draws on the techniques of cardboard processing from the oldest of 'Florentine craftsmanship tradition, born from the long experience of the company Masi Sante, already operating in the' 70s. The care of the phases of construction, attention to detail, the quality of raw materials and the finished product (Made in Italy) are our best guarantee. Our products range from wedding favor boxes for the exclusive and personalized packaging, gifts and promotional, boxes, containers, and Christmas gifts. Items in our catalog are just examples of accomplishments that we can provide. Our proposal is to guarantee to each customer the possibility of its own "unique trade dress" and "unique" and collaborate, therefore, looking for materials, shapes and customization that best meets its needs. We can use various materials: cards suede type, soft leather, leather or exclusive fabric of or for the client.

Our intention is to create, in the near future, a range so-called "ecological" that bring us closer to the environment where we produce and the need to have less environmental impact.

Magia Snc

Box factory

Artisanal production of boxes, books, photo albums and gift items

Via Fiovenza, 65/D - 40032 Camugnano (Bologna)

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