Lazzari Food


"My life is a combination of magic and pasta, where dreams, seasoned with a touch of good sauce and lots of love, sometimes come true."

Lazzari is a Roman company specialized in the production of 100% organic meat and pesto sauces, made with Italian raw materials from certified organic farming. It is managed by Diego Lazzari, born of a family of Neapolitan origin, from whom he inherited his passion for good food. Grew following the values ​​of taste, simplicity and harmony, which where the characteristics of the tasty and simple dishes prepared at Lazzari’s home, Diego owe his unconditional love for cooking to his grandmother, his mother and his brother Luca, masters of the culinary art, who used their talent and creativity to interpret, for years and generations, delicious recipes which have remained imprinted in his memory and that he wants to recreate in his excellent sauces.

The Lazzari pasta sauces do not contain preservatives or added colors and sugars. They are made only with fresh, certified and high quality ingredients that come from Italian organic farms.

The Lazzari pesto sauces contains fresh basil and extra-virgin olive oil from Liguria, the vegetables and the tomatoes are produced in the fertile, sun-drenched plains of Puglia, the oil comes from the Abruzzo region and the meat comes from farms of northern Lazio, where the animals live on large stretches of land. Each jar is full of the authentic flavours of nature, becoming a concentrate of precious culinary traditions, skill and excellent raw materials.

Lazzari Food

High quality organic sauces

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