King Cup Coffee


King Cup Coffee, a market leader in the production of Ginseng Coffee and Soluble Ginseng, is an innovative business that since its inception puts the focus on the consumer, researching and ensuring excellence at every stage of the production process.

Our mission is to make accessible to everyone, in Italy as in the world, a series of Ginseng articles with unique and original taste, placing in the front line the health of the consumer.

We offer the market a range of products bearing the authentic taste of our Ginseng, all processed in a protective atmosphere to ensure all the fragrance of the original root.

Sensitivity to the needs of all our customers has led us to exclude from our Ginseng Coffee elements such as gluten, lactose, hydrogenated fats and trans fats: an innovative choice that places King Cup among the excellence in the food industry.

All this in the name of a fundamental value for King Cup: confidence, a quality that has distinguished us since our founding.

King Cup Coffee

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Unique taste and original, designed for your well-being

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