Golden Wave


Golden Wave Solidarity. Because solidarity is not a slogan but a faithful commitment.

Golden Wave is an Italian company which researches, develops and markets nutritional supplements based on high quality mushrooms and plants. Mushrooms contain almost all essential amino acids, highly digestible protein, beta-glucans useful to support the immune system and a source of trace elements precious for the body.Golden Wave responds to the needs of the health professionals looking for reliable food supplements, formulated in a rigorous, scientific and updated way, titrated and monitored by highly professional laboratories.

You can check the content of the active component thanks to the analysis published online and certificates.

The continuous training, the constant updating of the scientific management of Golden Wave and direct cooperation with the Italian university addressed to Phytotherapy Research, complement our profile.

Doctors, pharmacists, herbalists, therapists and demanding dietary supplements consumers who seek awareness and professionalism, will find in Golden Wave their port of arrival.

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Golden Wave

Medical Company

Dietary supplements based on mushrooms and plants

Via Don Lago, 1 35013 – Cittadella (PD) – Italy


+39 347 8165258 Web site