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Erreà Sport S.p.a. is an Italian company specialised in the production of technical-athletic apparel; it is a leading brand renowned at a national and international level.

Erreà was founded in 1988 at San Polo di Torrile (Parma, Italy) by the Gandolfi, a family passionate about soccer and sport in general. Once a soccer player and a team manager, Angelo Gandolfi eventually decided to embark in a new adventure and make his dream come true. He therefore combined his love for sport with his attention to details, a characteristic that has always been peculiar to him, and in 1988 he began to produce the first Erreà technical athletic apparel. In a few years, thanks to the high quality of its products, the greatest attention to design details and its excellent customer service, Erreà grew unrestrained. It became the technical sponsor to a number of sports clubs, from junior amateur teams to some of the most famous clubs in Italy and around the world: not just football, but also volleyball, basketball, rugby and other sports. Our values reflect the strictest values of true athletes, who do not want to accept any compromise when physical exercise is most demanding: that is why so many teams have chosen our technical athletic apparel. Nowadays Erreà Sport, based on the experience gained throughout the years, produces customised sportswear and garments thanks to two fundamental factors: the internal and direct management of the entire production chain and the creativity and skills of its graphic designers. One of of Erreà's great prides is that it produces all of its products in-house, which means that the products are conceived, designed and manufactured within the corporate plants. This assures a final product of excellent quality and delivery of a flawless customer service, capable of satisfying any need, even at short notice.

At Erreà, we take pride in offering high quality technical apparel, characterised by innovative design and state-of-the-art materials, to allow the athletes who choose our products to attain ever better performance.

Erreà Sport S.p.A


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