Caseartecnica Bartoli


Since 1950, Caseartecnica Bartoli provides its equipments to almost all the Parmigiano Reggiano and Grana Padano cheese factories.

Over the years, innovative machines for cutting the cheese into small, medium and large quantities have been added to the range of solutions for the processing and the production of cheese. From the dairy stores to the professional packers, automatic, semi-automatic and manual systems adapted to all the needs of packaging and cutting. Our machines are dedicated to the automation of dairy and food industry from the production to the cutting of cheese until the cleaning and the emptying of the containers. Being part of the Food Valley, Caseartecnica Bartoli produces machineries not only for dairies but also for the entire food industry and more.

These machines have characteristics that can be used in apparently very different sectors which, however, have very similar needs such as: washing and emptying of the containers by liquids and special products, usually difficult to treat. The experience of Casaeartecnica Bartoli allows to ensure the perfect outcome of their machine. The entire production is made in stainless steel and completely realized in Italy to always provide our customers with strong and long-lasting machines. 

During the time the main features of Caseartecnica Bartoli remain its reliability and seriousness. Characteristics that helped to create worldwide its reputation as a company that produces machines "almost indestructible".

Caseartecnica Bartoli

Equipments for cheese factories

Specializing in machinery for cutting hard and semi-hard cheese

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