BIOEARTH was founded in 1996 in Fornovo di Taro (Parma) from Sabrina and Paolo Adorni with the aim of promoting the extraordinary health properties of spirulina and microalgae. Its mission is to help people to improve their health and natural beauty.

Since the very beginning, BIOEARTH has been a benchmark in the world of Holistic health and beauty thanks to continuous research and development that enables it to be an innovative force for the natural sector and a constructive point of reference for other companies and for all operators and consumers.

BIOEARTH’s production includes a precious and unmistakable blend of microalgae, nutritional supplements and a wide range of natural cosmetics that express the values of the company: efficiency, naturalness and excellence. All the products are characterised by high quality raw materials and workmanship and, above all, the care with which they are manufactured.

BIOEARTH is very active in the field of holistic education and divulgation of technical and scientific information. It has founded the BIOEARTH ACADEMY, dedicated to the formation of a holistic and ecological conscience, and GREENOLOGY UNIVERSITY, through which the company spreads the culture of microalgae and spirulina, in particular, in Italy and throughout the world.

To best express the passion for nature, Sabrina and Paolo have choosen to build their headquarters in the green countryside on the main slopes of the Parma Apennines.


Natural Wellness

Cosmetics, supplements, green food and natural sports products

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