Biocomm is an agency that work in the distribution of organic and strictly Italian products, they operate in a highly professional and experienced figures in promoting the quality and image of the organic products.

Biocomm was created to meet the different needs of the Italian organic farms, offering a range of services: marketing, communication, distribution and the correct placement of products on the market.

Simplicity, transparency, research of healthy and high quality food, cultivated in full respect for nature and for humans. These are the values ​​in which Biocomm believes and research in small and medium-sized Italian agricultural companies who want to grow, innovate and promote the quality of its products on the Italian and foreign market.

Biocomm offers also comprehensive services for the creation or completion of a range of organic products at absolutely clear and transparent costs to the Italian and foreign chains of distribution. Biocomm believes in the future of the organic farming, in the continuity of the traditions of its land and in the companies that want to intensify their competitive capacity.

Today, those who choose to buy and consume organic foods decides to become a major player in the process of preservation of natural ecosystems, helping to improve their future and the future of subsequent generations.


Promotion Agency

Excellent products of Italian organic farming in Italy and abroad

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