Azienda Agricola Erik Tognan


"In agriculture, product belongs to Nature as long as the farmer picks it."


This is how we express our respect for nature, for the force with which it gives and creates life. 

We live in an enchanted valley, the Valle d'Aosta, precisely in Pollein, a small town embraced by mountains and a spectacular nature.

It is in these mountains that we decided to bring back to life some land of this area that was not cultivated for a long time, completely dedicating ourselves to this project.

For nearly a decade we grow apples, potatoes, pears and nuts, following natural farming, just as in the past.

Our farm is part of the circuit promoted by Coldiretti called “CAMPAIGN FRIEND”,  the first major national campaign that promotes and certifies the excellence of points of contact between producer and consumer.

Azienda Agricola Erik Tognan

Agriculture company

Apples, potatoes, pears and walnuts

Località Saint Bénin, 23/B, 11020 Pollein AO

+39 3356003835 Web site