Ambrosiae was born from a simple and brilliant idea: to bring together the concept of superfoods with that of raw food. In other words, to start with the best possible ingredients and treat them in the best possible way while also making something enjoyable, which can only help us all to live better.

The impact of diet on our health is far more important than we may think. By improving our eating habits, our physical and mental well-being benefit immediately. We feel better and we live longer.

Ambrosiae aims to help to improve our dietary habits and lifestyle by providing products that are truly healthy while at the same time informing people on matters of dietary health.

Ambrosiae proposes a range of food products created with new – or rather, rediscovered ingredients that are natural, plant-based, organic and enjoyable (i.e. superfoods, or überfoods), processed in an innovative way (raw food), as gently as possible, in order to best preserve their natural wealth of essential nutrients.

Communicating and promoting a healthy, active lifestyle geared toward appreciating all the little things that make life so extraordinary.


Organic and raw products

Fuel your mind, love your body.

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