Via Lattea


Stretching over 400 km of slopes, Via Lattea is the largest ski area in western Italy, it includes Sestriere, Sauze d'Oulx, Oulx, Claviere, Sansicario, Cesana, Pragelato, Claviere and the French Montgenèvre.

The area offers 212 pistes (7 green, 67 blue, 97 red and 41 black) and 69 ski lifts, and is characterized by wide open spaces, snow sunlit expanses, panoramic runs that connect ancient and traditional villages with modern towns equipped with all amenities. For its size and variety, it can satisfy both the most demanding skiers (thanks to the long and challenging runs) and those who approach themselves to the world of skiing for the first time.

There are countless facilities that connect the six locations: from the lowest point at 1350 meters in Cesana, at the highest point of Mount Motta to 2800 meters in Sestriere. At the center of the Via Lattea there is the Piedmont's city Sestriere, one of the most famous and popular ski resorts in the region, as well as a paradise for skiers, because it allows you to ski for several days on different tracks, and always well covered with snow. Its origins date back to the first half of the twentieth century, when the founder of FIAT, the largest automobile manufacturer in Italy, Giovanni Agnelli, built some tourist facilities at altitude, so as to create a modern ski resort in a location that connects the Valley of Susa, with the Chisone Valley, easily reached from many sides. In 2006 the district of Sestriere has hosted the Winter Olympics skiing, after which it was consecrated as the Piedmontese home of Alpine skiing for the large number of ski slopes in different sides and at high altitudes which can guarantee a constant snow cover throughout the season.

Among its slopes there are the beautiful Kandahar Slalom Giovanni Alberto Agnelli coming down from Mount Banchetta, whose route is particularly challenging, with many elevation changes and ideal for downhill skiers and snowboarders and the track Sises, which takes its name from the namesake mountain, and that presents a fairly demanding circuit, characterized by a continuous succession of very technical passages. On the Monti Sises, Banchetta and Fraiteve develop the tracks that together make up the largest ski area of ​​Sestriere, fully integrated and connected to the rest of the Via Lattea. In addition to its quality and breadth, the district proposes a wide and articulated tourist offering, both in summer and winter: from eliski to night skiing, from snowmobiling excursions, with snowshoes or dog sled, to the cross-country skiing in Monte Rotta and the ice rink located opposite the ski facilities. And yet, shops, spas, swimming pools, gyms, hotels and restaurants of various kinds.

Here even mountaineering ski lovers can find some trips all over, as the climb to Rognosa del Sestriere, in spring, or the one to Monte Banchetta, at the beginning of the winter or spring season, when the lifts and slopes are now closed.