Caramanico terme


Nature and health live together in Caramanico Terme, a small medieval village located in the heart of the Majella National Park, in Abruzzo.
The Nature Reserve of Orfento Valley extends to the village’s border and it’s characterized by beech forests and many species of animals and plants like eagles, wolves, bears, chamois, orchids, edelweiss.

In the village there are small artistic jewels like the church of Santa Maria Maggiore and the church of San Tommaso, but the territory of Caramanico Terme is famous for its beautiful hermitages, ancient spiritual buildings dug into the stone.

Good food and typical dishes characterize Caramanico Terme: the honey is one of the best in Abruzzo and it received the “Pungiglione d’Argento Award” during the Montalcino honey week in 2008. 

To see

Church of Santa Maria Maggiore - The main building of the village has medieval origins, it preserves valuable artistic elements such as the Gothic portal of 1452 and beautiful late-sixteenth altar dedicated to the Assumption, made in Maiella stone and marble.
Church of San Tommaso – The church was built by the Augustinian religious in the early thirteenth century and it was dedicated to the Archbishop of Canterbury a few decades after his martyrdom.
Majella National Park
Nature Reserve of Orfento Valley
Hermitage of San Bartolomeo - It is the second hermitage attended by Celestine V on the Majella.
Hermitage of San Giovanni - It’s probably the most "spectacular" of Celestine V hermitage.

To taste

Honey – One of the most delicious honey of Italy
Sheep, pork and beef meat
Cheese and derivatives
Pasta alla "chitarra" - Homemade pasta served with lamb sauce

To enjoy

Caramanico Spa - Exclusive place dedicated to well-being and health.