S1 Trail, The Corsa della Bora


An event designed for those who love sports, nature and gastronomy: in the seaside and the frontier town with its special charm has enchanted writers, artists and intellectuals from all over Europe, in January 2016 was inaugurated an event which looks to continue for other new and exciting editions. The Corsa della Bora, this is the name of the event, consists of a path aimed to running enthusiasts, hiking of the nature, but also to those who simply want to walk and breathe the air after the period of typical Christmas binge.

A tough but full of surprises path that, in view of the spectacular Gulf of Trieste between Italy and Slovenia, lashed by the bora, with ice or kissed by an almost spring sun, will lead to the discovery of paths, steep steps, breathtaking views, landscapes and descents reminiscent of the Dolomites. S1 Trail, Half S1, S1 and S1 Ipertrail Relay are the different races that make up the event. Let's see them in detail. S1 Trail (57 km, 2500 D + from Carsico Plateau swept by the Bora to the enchanting sea of ​​ Sistiana Portopiccolo) and S1 Half (21 km, 400 D + 600 and D - from the Obelisk of Opicina to Sistiana Portopiccolo) provide both wide paths and sliding in which you can really ask for the maximum to their legs, interspersed with single track trail where you can not always run. rocky bottoms and steep, earth, gravel karst, "rutted fields", passes next to the small sinkholes, sinkholes and crevices, will accompany the runners in a race that not only summarizes the geological uniqueness of the Karst region but will also offer an ever-changing terrain and not at all obvious.

S1 Ipertrail (164 km, 5500 D + -), with its highly technical sections interspersed with sliding sections, breathtaking views of the Gulf of Trieste and steps in the magical and wild beech forests of Slovenia, embodies the spirit of adventure and expedition with a format reserved for only the most experienced and who marries philosophy. GPS navigation, satellite tracking, an innovative concept of refreshment areas and a path that can lead to the beach where you are in short sleeves to the mountain with a meter of snow does not stop.

S1 Ipertrail Relay, the solution in the relay, only open to mixed gender teams, wants to emphasize the sense of team cohesion in a context of adventure and discovery: the entire race will be made by sharing the backpack and gear and then the responsibilities arising from it.

Bidders will be able to take advantage of dining options scattered along the route, at which you can eat "real food", by the producers of the Carso, culinary excellence of restricted productions and selected outside the circuits of large retailers that offer an experience and a unique journey for the palate. Among the novelties of 2017, remembers a goody bag which was specially developed that alone is worth more than the registration fee, refreshments increasingly rich local products, and, after the race, SPA and reception with massage and sauna. If the stroke of the Bora has piqued your curiosity and you want to understand more, you find all the details here.