Riding Tuscany, Paradise for Your Horse


An undisputed protagonist in the world of tourism, Tuscany continues to stand out for its immense artistic heritage, major cities and its breathtaking landscapes immersed in nature. Today Italian Traditions brings you right to Tuscany, in Montaione, a small village located in the province of Florence, just a few kilometers from San Gimignano and Volterra. In the picturesque setting of an immense 200-hectare park, the Riding Tuscany Ranch stands out, the farm stay stables of Belmonte Vacanze.

To welcome you to this corner of paradise, surrounded by greenery and the quietness of the breathtaking landscape, hills, vineyards and olive groves, is Alice, manager of Riding Tuscany, together with her partner and family, who left Milan for Tuscany. Growing up as a child with a love for horses, Alice began to cultivate her passion for riding under the impetus of her uncle Valentino, thanks to whom, at the age of eight, she began to take lessons. She has become an instructor, and now Alice is enthusiastically dedicated to teaching, an activity that allows her to combine her innate passion for horses, love for children, moreover children with disabilities.

However, Alice’s commitments do not stop here: the multifaceted manager is also dedicated to the care of her four-legged friends, siding in favor of the protection of animals and fighting for their rescue from the terrible fate of the slaughterhouse, to violence or kidnappings. It is from her struggle, in fact, that the idea of ​​turning her passion into a business took shape. Not only horses, but also sheep, dogs and many more coming soon.

Horse therapist, Benedetta is part of the ranch staff, in addition to being a part of Alice’s family and she is in charge of the equestrian rehabilitation, while Filippo is responsible for riding maintenance.There are many activities that Riding Tuscany offers adults and children. Horse riding, hiking - in the woods and hills - training of horses, walks - including food and wine - activities for children and riding lessons for beginners and experts: from the most simple to the most advanced level of western style riding or 'English; from the preparation of the saddle for children, to competition preparation. To children with psychiatric disorders and neuromotors of various kinds, handling offers the opportunity to undertake a course of treatment thanks to the horse therapeutic service, a discipline that, through contact with nature and with the animal, teamwork and socialization, helps the children overcome their difficulties.

At Riding Tuscany Ranch you can also enjoy horse room and board, where specimens of the equestrian world live surrounded by people and experienced hands. What makes Alice’s riding special, is the concrete commitment diffused in the care and preservation of endangered horses. Since May 1, Riding Tuscany is now a non-profit organization. A non-profit organization that deals directly with the recovery of animals for slaughter. It is a project of recovery combined with that of the stables, which offers educational activities for children and for family holidays surrounded by nature. Beloved and popular especially by foreigners, Riding Tuscany Ranch is the ideal place to enjoy the privileges of nature and the outdoors, to discover the places and hidden wonders of the Belpaese, and to rediscover the ancient relationship between man and a noble animal such as the horse, immersed among the wonders of the equestrian universe.