Not only skiing, 5 activities to do in the mountains


When winter comes, it seems the world falls into two major (and approximate) categories: those who can not wait to put on ski, and who is eagerly awaiting the hot season to escape this "torment". Those who love skiing or snowboarding, loses no opportunity to exploit every Sunday off and go to the mountains, an oasis of relaxation and remise en forms at high altitudes. The mountain, in fact, offers lots of activities to do in addition to classic skiing, and even the most hesitant will be able to find at least a pastime that is to their pleasure. Here are 5 fun and enjoyable alternatives to do in the mountain resorts of Italy.

Trekking and hiking

Walking trails to the snow-covered peaks. There is no better way to spend a day discovering the flora and fauna of the mountains. To explore all the beauty of nature whitewashed, choosing different paths every time, another great way is the snowshoe hike, as well as snowmobiling. If you are passionate, it is worth to try those organized by Sestriere Adventures, Piedmont company located in Pragelato Val Troncea, the first in Italy to establish itself within the snowmobile rentals. At night, with Sestriere Adventures fun continues with routes and traditional dinner in a mountain hut in the Olympic valleys.

Ice skating

It is undoubtedly one of the most exciting and fun activities to do in the mountains. Ice rinks for different levels of skill are present in many Italian mountain resorts. In Valle d'Aosta, for example,we can find Art On Ice Aosta, born thanks to the will of two associations of the "ice field", which promotes ice skating with starter courses, training and courses for schools for all age groups in the Stadio del ghiaccio of the city of Aosta, with an ice rink 60  X 30 meters.


Adrenaline experience that rewards those who try  a fun way to experience the mountains and discover places otherwise inaccessible by other means. Riding an unsinkable boat (called rafts), the downhill is on mountain streams, driven by strong water currents that undertake to dodge obstacles along the way. From Lombardy to the Valle d'Aosta, there are many organizations and institutions that promote this sport and give support to tourists by providing expert guides and related equipment. In Lombardy, in the province of Sondrio, Valtellina Rafting A.S.D.  organizes rafting, kayaking, hydro speed and canyoning for everyone.

Sled dog racing

Literally "sleigh pulled by  dogs," sled dog racingis a winter sport practiced on sledding guided by a conductor, said musher. Treat yourself to the thrill of a sleigh ride by participating in excursions on the snow driven by the man oldest friend. In Trentino, you can do it with the Athabaska Dogsledding, located in Madonna di Campiglio, where qualified instructors will accompany you on a fantastic ride during which, sitting comfortably in the sled, you'll enjoy the skill of the dogs and the enchanting scenery of the Dolomites. The school also organizes night excursions for romantic dinners at the hut.

Horseback riding

Horse riding is one of the most beautiful activities that nature lovers can practice in the mountains. Widespread discipline of all the mountains, this activity has found fertile ground in Trentino Alto Adige, where the breeding of Avelignesi horses has allowed the development of horse riding in the woods and in the mountain villages, where nature reigns supreme and the views make you dream . The horseback riding is possible in all mountain resorts where there are horse-riding stables. In Alto Adige, in the province of Trento, we find Sunny Ranch, a riding stable that offers horseback riding for beginners and experts and riding lessons for adults and children.