A.s.d. Ars Vivendi, Horseback Riding Never Felt More at Home


Equestrian tourism has been rise in the last couple of years, a pleasurable and healthy sport that brings together the benefits of nature and those of physical activity. For some it's a way to escape from it all and get in touch with the environment. There are in fact countless riding schools and equestrian centers throughout the Italian peninsula, surrounded by pristine landscapes and incredible views. Ars Vivendi, a magical places for those who love horses, was established at Cesano Boscone, just a few steps away from Milan. It is immersed in the Agricolo Sud Milano Park surrounded by nature and three other parks:  Cava di Muggiano,  Cascina Nuova Park and Natura Cesano Boscone Park.

The equestrian club was Alessandra's idea, pursed by her strong passion for horses, a passion that at a certain point in her life, has pushed her to find the place where she could make her dreams come true - here, in a barn in the area owned by the Dornetty family, Alessandra has met Gaia and Ilaria, current members of the association, who have shown interest in the project from the beginning. The idea behind this project has always been with the will of creating s place that could distinguish itself from the typical riding schools in big cities, where agonism is usually practiced and the horses a just a mere median to help achieve goals and win competitions.

Ars Vivendi is named after Alessandra's horse who passed away. It was from this that she got the idea of creating a place that brings together both humane and equine ideals.

Affiliated with ENGEA and CONI, Ars Vivendi offers various activities, - riding lessons for children and young, walks, horse retirement, birthday parties at the club house of the center - aimed at those who want to take a training course; the lessons are designed to teach basic riding with an invitation to show jumping, all with the aim of giving total control of the animal in the field. The horse Retirement from farms is assisted by Dornetti farm stay, which houses the association. Members have access to the box with or without an adjoining paddock, an opened field of 40x60, and an enclosure of 20x30.

Of course, the center is not intended to agonists, because it doesn't have neither the technical specifications, nor ideals, but it proposed itself instead as a place where horse lovers can enjoy their company in a different way, walking in the countryside or working in the field in a calm and relaxed way, without worrying about big goals or expectations. Aware of the great competition in the region, Alessandra does not lose her enthusiasm and the desire to carry out her noble objectives, proud of what they teach and all that she has been able to build over time with great dedication. Alessandra is sure that at her center the horses have a happy place to live, and that humans can also feel at home here.