Laura Biagiotti, the Italian queen of fashion


Among the immortal wonders of Rome, The Spanish Steps and Piazza di Spagna are surely the most beautiful and famous, but not very far another wonder of the eternal city shows itself in all its splendor, this time through the windows of a luxury boutique, specifically in via Mario de' Fiori, where there is one of the main stores of Laura Biagiotti.


Roman doc, future queen of Italian fashion follows the footsteps of the very young mother, already the owner of a workshop in the capital, and in 1972 she presented her first collection in Florence. After collaborating with important names in fashion such as Schuberth, Roberto Capucci and Rocco Barocco, Laura Biagiotti is distinguished with the eponymous line for her impeccably feminine style, symbol of an all Italian elegant simplicity, graceful and tasteful. Laura Biagiotti presents her creations as far from the "special effects" and the excesses, but designed to embody the quintessence of sophistication. The total look of the brand was born from rich fabrics, clean lines, abstract prints and a color palette of delicate tones interrupted by bright colors, leaving room accessories, such as necklaces and bags.

Known as "the Queen of Cashmere" because of  her love for this precious yarn, used since her first collection with a cultivated and different approach, Laura is considered the ambassador of Italian fashion in the world, for undertaking commercial and cultural relations with many foreign countries. In 1988, for example in Beijing it took place a unique event in the history of fashion: 30 Chinese models have worn the most significant creations of Laura Biagiotti career, who became the first italian designer to have a fashion show in China. But also she was the first Italian to see wide open for her the mythic gates of the Great Theatre of the Kremlin in 1995.


Winner of endless awards, she has contributed to the spread of the made in Italy in the world, not only through her frenetic activity of all-round designer, but also through several restorations she took, financed and followed some of the finest treasures that Italy has to offer, including Castle Marco Simone, the Scala Cordonata of Michelangelo's Campidoglio and Fontana di Piazza Farnese in Rome. But the link with art is also represented by a strong passion for cinema. Laura Biagiotti in fact has been working with the most important production companies of costumes making. For example in 2013 she collaborated with Paolo Sorrentino for the film " La Grande Bellezza", the Oscar winner for Best Foreign Film the following year.

She is the real queen of the style of Belpaese, talking about fashion or cinema, lifestyle or art, which has managed to sum up and promote in every field all the qualities and excellence that have made inimitable in time the made in Italy.