San Vito Lo Capo, The White and Blue


Italian beach town in the province of Trapani, in one of the most beautiful corners of Sicily, the charming town of San Vito Lo Capo is a unique richness of the beautiful country, thanks to its undeniable natural beauty and its long and checkered history. Officially recognized as such only in 1952, in fact, this promontory with breathtaking views was actually already existed eight thousand years ago, but it seems that the country is born around the shrine dedicated to San Vito martyr, which still constitutes the true heart of the town.

Legend says that the young Vito, noble patrician fleeing persecution ordered by Diocletian, he landed in this bay studded by winds, where he tried in vain to convert the inhabitants, from which he was driven instead. However, shortly after a huge landslide, which was seen as divine punishment, buried the village, and even then the people in the area began to give to the man miraculous powers. After a while, around 300 A.D., it was built the first chapel dedicated to him.

Around it still there was nothing, and the pilgrims were forced to sleep in tents or in the open, but the punishment of the sky in the form of storms and shipwrecks that struck different pirates who had dared to loot and rob the church the faithful, lured more and more people to the sanctuary, and so at the beginning of 1700 the first houses were built next to the building. At the end of the century around the church there was already a small group of houses, the first settlement which later would expand until it reaches the modern size and, in 1952, be recognized as a municipality for all purposes.

But apart the mythical origins, the entire area has corners of unparalleled beauty, which undoubtedly stands out among all the famous beach of San Vito Lo Capo: ever present in the annual list of the most beautiful beaches of Italy, those who come for the first time are be enchanted by the beauty of the Gulf that suddenly opens on a blue that seems painted, enclosed in a Mediterranean vegetation chest.

About three kilometers long, this vast beach with pure white sand is a true paradise, extremely protected from winds and currents thanks to promontories Gulf which close the inlet to the sides. For this reason its waters gently sloping toward the sea and the currents are practically absent, making this beach ideal for those who are not a strong swimmer, and for the little ones, while  its depths rich of life are a paradise for divers.

Another little treasure Made in Italy, as always rich of history, tradition and, not least, disarming beauty. And as always presented to you by Italian Traditions.

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