Verezzi, The Saracen Village


This small town perches on the top of the Orera hill. Borgio Verezzi is a Saracen village situated in the province of Savona in the region of Liguria. It presents itself as a harmonious blend of four different villages (Poggio, Piazza, Roccaro and Crosa), characterized by pink stone buildings characterized by pink stone buildings set in a rocky landscape and seaside location, connected to each other by narrow alleys, mule tracks and lanes. This Mediterranean architecture is clearly of Arab-Islamic influence; nevertheless, according to a legend, the foundation of Verezzi is attributed to the Saracen pirates who fell in love with these places and who abandoned their raids to retire on this land.

The four villages are primarily characterized by their terraced or slightly vaulted roofs. The urban structure is certainly from the early Middle Ages. The walls of the houses, the stairs in front of the entrances, the picturesque arches linking houses, as well as the gutters on the roofs and the particular archways holding up the pergolas, are made of stone. It is here, on the crêuza de mä (path to the sea) that the famous song refers to, by the Italian singer-songwriter Fabrizio De Andrè, where the true colors of Liguria reveal themselves in the form of colorful structures.


Piazza – It is the most famous square, Piazza Sant’Agostino, where the Borgio Verezzi Theatre Festival was founded.

Roccaro – Here you can see the eighteenth-century Chapel of Mary Immaculate with its Baroque-style altar and decorations.

Poggio – A hill that spreads around the tower in two lines that are perpendicular to one another; Crosa is the oldest and most interesting village. It seems to be carved directly into the stone, and there is a system of caves dug onto the hillside, which were previously inhabited during the Palaeolithic age. Here, you can find the town’s most important religious buildings.
Above the village stands the Cross of Saints, that is 3.50 meters high.


Capers – Its cultivation is in progressive development.

Extra-virgin olive oil

Stewed snails – There is a festival dedicated to snails, which takes place every year.

Wine – Those that stand out include the Lumassina, the Nostralino Veretium and the rarest, Barbarossa.


Festival of snails – Every year on 13th and 14th of August.