Atrani, The Pearl of the sea

The beauty of this Campania’s village is the beach that makes it look like a nativity scene, especially at night, when the lights come on.
Atrani is one of the few towns of Campania to preserve the original structure, dating from the Middle Ages and characterized by narrow alleys, arches, courtyards and "scalinatelle" (narrow stairs).

The lampare (little fishing boats) and their lights make Atrani even more fascinating, especially at sunset  when they light up the whole sea.
Besides being beautiful, Atrani is also famous because it was inhabited by noble families of Amalfi and it was the place where the Doges were crowned and buried.

The coronation of the Doges took place in the church of San Salvatore de Birecto, a church founded around 940 that houses important Byzantine and Longobard finds. On the slopes of the mountain there is the Collegiate of Santa Maria Maddalena with its beautiful dome and bell tower have become the symbols of the skyline of Atrani.
On the road from Atrani to Amalfi there is the “Grotta del Santi”, a cave with an irregular perimeter and walls decorated with Byzantine-style frescoes, depicting the four evangelists. In Atrani you can find excellent fish, fresh tomatoes and hand-made pasta, although pride of the village are the desserts like "o 'bocconotto" and the cassata.


To see

Church of San Salvatore de Birecto – Church of very ancient origin, it was rebuilt during the neoclassical period. Its name comes from the doge’s hat, the birecto precisely, used to crown the Doges. It houses a marble find of the late eleventh century with Byzantine reliefs and Longobard anthropomorphic figures.

Church of Santa Maria Maddalena – The church is built in the thirteenth century, it houses  a Roman cinerary urn of white marble. The majolica dome is wonderful, a symbol of Atrani.

Grotta del Santi – Cave with walls painted in the Byzantine period, probably part of an old Benedictine monastery, founded in 986.

To taste

Mozzarella, fior di latte, provola - Fresh cheeses from the nearby hills.

Traditional dishes made with local fresh fish

Scialatelli, laganelle - Homemade pasta

O’ bocconotto – Dessert made with custard and black cherry.

Cassata - Typical dessert made with lemons of the place that are called "sfusati of Amalfi".

Spirits – Limoncello (made with lemons), Nocino (made with walnuts), Fragolino (made with strawberries).

Passolini - Grapes dried in the sun and stored in the leaves of lemon.