Chianale, The perfum of Alps


With its tiled roofs, its stones, its wood, Chianale stands in the province of Cuneo, in Piemonte, on the border with France. The name Chianale, originally “La Cianal”, which in Langue d’Oc means “conduit”, refers to a canal of the Varaita River which ran through the town.


The structure of the village is centered on the axis of the ancient Chemin Royal road, the salt route which connected Italy with France. The river Varaita divides Chianale into two zones linked by a stone bridge, considered the heart of the village. The bridge gives onto a square with a fountain where you will find the ancient Church of S. Antonio. One of the most peculiar characteristic of the urban area are the beautiful tiled roofs which give the village a very suggestive image if seen from above. In the past the valley was famous for its honey and for its wooden handcrafts; nowadays it still produces very good Alpine cheese.

To see

Val Varaita – Its lake surrounded by pine wood and forest, the ski slopes and the presence of the Alevè Wood make it a very appreciate tourist attraction.

Church of S. Antonio – Built in the XIV, it is a very simple and harmonious church with a bell-tower including a sailed mullioned window, a small-porch at the entrance and a triple arched lintel Romanesque Portal.

Parish church of St. Lorenzo – Built between the XVII and XVIII century, it preserves a baroque altar from 1726 that rests on four solid carved pine columns.

Museum of Costume and Textile Crafts – It hosts a rich collection of traditional costumes.

To taste

Les ravioles – Potato gnocchi kneaded with cheese and mixed with melted butter formaggio e condite con burro fuso

Polenta concia cruzetin – Polenta with gnocchi made with rye flour


To enjoy

Feast of San Lorenzo – 10th August: in this occasion, the citizens wear the traditional customes and celebrate with songs, dances and exhibitions.

Feast of Sant’Antonio – 17th January