Città Sant'Angelo


Città Sant’Angelo is a very large city in the province of Pescara which preserves an ancient center, it is famous for its beautiful setting and the unique location between the sea and the mountain.
Culture, food and wine are the protagonists of this village that surprises the visitor for its liveliness, its traditions and typical products.

It has a special charm, made unforgettable by the Collegiate church of 1353, the aristocratic palaces and the many beautiful churches. This town is also an important cultural center, the national and international artistic trends pass through the Museum Laboratory of Contemporary Art created in an ex tobacco factory.

Growing between the sea and the mountains, Città Sant’Angelo is rich in olive groves and vineyards which guarantee the highest quality of olive oil and wine. In fact, in this territory you can find a special DOP extra virgin olive oil and a DOC “Montepulciano d’Abruzzo” wine.  Very popular are the “arrosticini”, a traditional dish made with castrated sheep’s meat cut in chunks and pierced by a skewer.


To see

Church of San Michele Arcangelo – Became the Collegiate church in the 1353, this construction has an artistic portal made by the sculptor Raimondo di Poggi from Atri (1326), an important wooden statue of San Michele Arcangelo and a carved choir of the seventeenth century.
Museum Laboratory of contemporary art
Aristocratic palaces – Palazzo di Giampietro, Palazzo Colamico, Palazzo Sozj, Palazzo Ursini, Palazzo Coppa Zuccari.

To taste

Extra virgin olive oil
Wine - Montepulciano d'Abruzzo
Pasta “alla mugnaia” – Homemade pasta served with meat sauce
Lamb “cacio e uova” – Traditional shepherds recipe made with lamb, cheese and eggs.
Cif e ciaf – Dish of pork meat with garlic and rosemary
Arrosticini – Castrated sheep’s meat cut in chunks and pierced by a skewer.
“Pizza doce” – Traditional cake filled with cream, coffee and liqueur.