Acerenza, The land of Aglianico


Acerenza is a medieval city set on a tuff cliff in the province of Potenza, in Basilicata. It affects the compactness of the village with its cathedral of the eleventh century, perfectly harmonized in the urban structure. Just walking on the outside and inside the cathedral it is possible to grasp its many treasures as the fabulous Romanesque portal, the marbles from Roman times, the carved figures of tombstones, the columns of Greek workmanship.

Leaving the cathedral you can admire the 16th-century former court building, the alleys of the old and the beautiful palaces of the eighteenth century with their stone portals, decorated with simple carvings and coats of arms of old families of Acerenza.

In Acerenza, enjoying a glass of Aglianico is a must, it is an important red wine, whose taste is dry and harmonious, tending to become velvety with aging. Aglianico is perfect  with the typical sausage – soppressata acheruntina - and durum wheat bread.
You have to taste the "maccarun disc", a handmade pasta topped with meat sauce or combined with legumes and the "z'zridd", a pasta of small format that is served with beans or lentils. Among the desserts you can find the “lagana chiappout”, a sweet made with lagane (pasta made by hand using durum wheat flour) and spiced with cinnamon, walnuts, and almonds, and flavored at the end with cooked wine.


To see

Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta and San Canio - It dates back to the eleventh century, it was built with local sandstone and it has a Romanesque-Cluniacensian style.

Palace of the former court – 15th-century palace with a typical mediterranean romanella.

Palace of the curia - It stands on an ancient Lombard-Norman-Swabian castle.

To taste  

Aglianico - A tannic, full-bodied red wine from the Basilicata Region.

Soppressata – A typical sausage, its meat is still cut “with a knife”.

Maccaroun - Homemade pasta served with meat sauce or vegetables.

Z'zridd - Small kind of pasta small served with beans or lentils.

Lagana chiappout - Typical dessert with cinnamon, walnuts, almonds, cooked wine.