Abbateggio, The town of Farro


Small village in the province of Pescara in Abruzzo, Abbateggio stands on the northern slopes of Majella mountain, enjoying the panoramic view of the Gran Sasso and the Morrone. Rivers and streams surrond it and they characterize its territory, an oasis of lush unspoiled splendor.

Abbateggio is characterized by the core of small white stone houses, steep staircases and winding streets that overlook landscapes of rare beauty. The small town is also known for the old asphalt mines and archaeological sites of national interest such as the Valley Giumentina, one of the principal examples of the Lower and Middle Paleolithic in Abruzzo.
The old town rises where once the castle of Abbateggio stood, it is full of churches and it is characterized by small jewels of art often made of local stone and wood.

The Majella Ecomuseum is very interesting, it is an open-air museum where you can find local mining artefacts, old rural and pastoral houses- the tholos - and one of the most picturesque forests that characterize the slopes of Majella.
Abbateggio is known for farro and its festival, a fair where local housewives elaborate simple and rustic recipes made the ancient grain.
Lovers of literature found in Abbateggio an important national prize for naturalistic literature called "Parco Majella", a race for professional and amateur writers and has won awards in Italy and in the world.

To see

Tholos – Dry stone structures built as shelters by shepherds and farmers. They are present in the area in different shapes and sizes.

Church of San Lorenzo Martire - Church with rectangular plan and one nave, a classical facade and a fifteenth-century portal. The square bell tower contains a fine spiral local stone.

Shrine of Madonna of Elcina - Stands on a rocky hill near Abbateggio, the church was recently re-built in its current feature, made of local stone, but is of ancient foundation and has a considerable historical, artistic and religious value throughout the valley.

Church of San Biagio - Small church in San Martino district keeps a bust of San Biagio, authentic and very old artefact.

Archaeological site of Sant´Agata district - With testimonies of the Lower and Middle Paleolithic.

Majella Ecomuseum 

To taste

Farro - An ancient grain cultivated in the area.

Cheese - Fruit of grassland farming, sheep cheese contains in its unmistakable flavor cultural heritage and tradition of this land.

Extra virgin olive oil - Thanks to the morphology of the territory, in the most mild produces extra virgin olive oil of excellent quality.

To enjoy

Festival of Farro - Every year on August.

Nature Literature Award "Parco Majella" - Every year on July.