Liguria doesn’t produce as much wine as other Italian regions, due to its position, between  mountain chains of Appennini and Alpi, and the sea. And yet, it benefits from a mild weather on the hills and in the hinterland, which facilitates a lot the grape growing. It is thanks to the weather that the region can offer a wine production that, though not plentiful, is surely of good quality. Moreover, the sea gives a particular touch to wines, and has always been an ideal channel for wine export too.

Main vineyards: Albarola, Bosco, Bianchetta, Pigato, Bosco, Rossese, Canaiolo, Vermentino, Ciliegiolo, Lumassina, Scimiscià, Alicante, Pollera, Gamay.

Main red wines: Rossese, Colline di Levanto, Ormeasco di Pornassio, Granaccia, Ciliegiolo, Sangiovese, Barbera, Vermentino, Colli di Luni, Golfo del Tigullio, Val Polcevera.

Main white wines: Vermentino, Pigato, Bianchetta, Moscato.

Main sweet wines: Sciachetrà, Maccaia.