Brisghella, an old town in the Tuscan-Romagna Apennines, is set against a chalky hill dominated by three selenite cliffs, upon which the fortress Rocca Manfrediana, the Clock Tower and the Sanctuary of Monticino stand.

In Brisighella there is a medieval atmosphere made up of ancient lanes and streets, majestic palaces and small houses; Via del Borgo, also called Donkey Alley, is very interesting for its history, it was used by carters for carrying chalk using donkeys, is an elevated covered street with arched open windows of different sizes. The village is also known for being the birthplace of eight cardinals, for this reason it retains many sacred buildings like the church of San Giovanni in Ottavo, a Romanesque basilica built around the eighth century. Visiting Brisighella you must not miss to enjoy the spa treatments and Carnè Park with its visitor centre.

The leading products of Brisighella are the DOP extra virgin olive oil, called Brisighello, the cold cuts made of the Mora Romagnola’s meat (an old local pig breed), the local artichoke called “il Moretto” that grows on the clayey ground in the ravines and the Sangiovese wine.

To see

Fortress Rocca Manfrediana – Built to control the Lamone valley, the fortress is made by the Venetian Tower and the fourteenth Torricino, built by Manfredi of Faenza.

Clock Tower – It is the first bastion of defense of Brisighella, it dates back to 1290 and houses the Museum of Time.

Sanctuary of Monticino – It dates back to the eighteenth century, it is also called Calvary. From there the view is stunning and stretches to the Tuscany.

Pieve di S. Giovanni in Ottavo – Impressive Romanesque basilica with three naves, erected for the first time in the eighth century.

Thermal Centre – With its sulfur and sodium bromide, the Baths of Brisighella are known throughout Italy for its properties.

Carnè Park – Centre with a full calendar of events, excursions and proposals for green living.

Romagna Gypsum Vein Park

Sangiovese Wine and Dine Route - Gastronomic journey running through the territories of five districts, including that of Brisighella.


To taste

Brisighello – DOP extra virgin olive oil.

Cold cuts – They are made with the Mora Romagnola’s meat, an old local pig breed.


To enjoy

Romantic Brisighella – A special event for original candlelight dinners in the heart of the town, with exhibitions and musical entertainment with the theme of love.

Medieval Festival - During the first two weekends of July, tourists can dive into one of the most intriguing periods of the past, thanks to the Medieval Festival. Every year a different historical theme takes you back in time; exhibitions, street theater, and parades enliven the town. Food stands are available along the streets where you can taste medieval food.