Albori, The land of lemons


Small houses that overlook the sea and narrow streets built by the Arabs characterize the village of Albori, a small town in province of Salerno, Campania. Here in Albori the forms, the harmonies and the colors are typical of the Mediterranean area, but what makes the territory unique is the green slopes of Mount Falerzio, where is a pleasure to walk among the votive chapels dedicated to the patron saints.

The village is certainly seafaring as evidenced by the Navy of Albori, but probably the inhabitants, terrified by pirate raids, decided to take refuge further upstream where today stands the village which has maintained the original Mediterranean architecture with vaulted houses bright colors.
Dawn is not without its art treasures like the church of Santa Margherita in which you can admire the frescoes of the Neapolitan school, of which he was exposing the Baroque decorator Francesco Solimena.

Lemon is a typical product of Albori, also Goethe wrote about its special flavor and aroma; these particular lemons are used to the famous lemon liqueur of the Amalfi Coast.
Among the many delicacies here you can taste the penne alla cuppitiello, the palle di ciuccio and many dishes based on fish, of course flavored with lemon juice.


To see

Church of Santa Margherita – A church with frescoes and stuccoes of the 1600.

Mount Falerzio – A green mount rich of trials and votive chapels.

To taste  

Sfusati – Typical lemons of the tyrrhenian coast.

Local fish flavored with lemon juice

Penne “alla cuppitiello” – Typical pasta served with a vegetable sauce.

Palle di ciuccio - Potato croquettes