Aieta, The country of cold cuts


Aieta is a small village located in the province of Cosenza in the Pollino National Park, Calabria. The mountain area is full of trails that go up to Mount Ciagola (1,462 meters above sea level) from where you can admire the sea of the Gulf of Policastro.

The village is characterized by white small houses and by the magnificence of the aristocratic palace of the sixteenth century built on the remains of a old medieval castle.
The mother church of Saint Mary of the Visitation, which is located on the main square of Aieta, has a beautiful stone portal and interior frescoes of great interest. In the area surrounding the village you can find the remains of the convent of San Francesco, ancient chapels and water mills dating back to the medieval period.

From the gastronomic point of view, Aieta is known for its prisuttu puorcu (pork ham) and its festival, for the vrina (bacon), the sausage, the capocollo and the soppressata, made with a mixture of red pepper.
Even the pasta dishes are excellent: fusili, ravioli and lagani.


To see

Church of Saint Mary of the Visitation – Built in the sixteenth century, the church is full of frescoes and paintings and it houses a wooden crucifix of Southern crafts. The icon of the Mother of Consolation, rare in its kind, is very interesting and probably made by Nicolaos Tzafuris.

Church of San Francesco – The only surviving part of a convent of the Minor of San Francesco.

Chappel of San Vito Martire – Small church which houses the wooden statue of the patron saint of Aieta.

To taste   

Pork ham and cold cuts

Fusilli, ravioli with ricotta, lagani – Handmade pasta

Poncia - Dish made with eggplants, peppers, potatoes, onions, basil, garlic and peppers.

Cossa 'mbittunata - Leg of mutton or lamb coke with garlic, pepper, parsley, white wine and rosemary.

To enjoy

Ham festival – Every year on August.