Museo dello Scarpone e della Calzatura Sportiva


In the region to which Italy owes 80% of the national production of glasses, thanks to the activity that the eyewear district runs since 1878, there’s also another district which represents an unmatchable global excellence: we’re speaking about the district Sportsystem of Montebelluna, situated in the province of Treviso. As a matter of fact, the city is a footwear center made up of many small and medium enterprises and big groups specialized in the production of sports shoes, especially mountain-boots, of the most prestigious Italian and international brands.

Here, the sixteenth century Villa Zuccareda Binetti houses the Museo dello Scarpone e della Calzatura Sportiva (The boot and sports shoes Museum), inaugurated in 1984 and born from the foresight and generosity of some entrepreneurs, founding fathers of the district's historical brands whom, through the recovery of an asset of great architectural value granted by the Administration of the municipality of Montebelluna, wanted to create a viable place to celebrate and ensure to live back in time the intellectual and entrepreneurship history related to the activities of the artisanal and industrial community which made the district Sportsystem of Montebelluna famous in the whole world. This now historic “Institution", to whom many professionals, artisans, entrepreneurs and enthusiasts have contributed over time has, amongst other things, the merit of being a rare example of successful collaboration between public and private and a cooperation between enterprises that contribute to the common benefit of the territory.

Disposed in 11 halls on two floors, the museum collects over 2000 historical objects related to the worlds of design, planning, technological innovation and the production of sports shoes. Going from trekking shoes of the early nineteenth century to the experimental boots, up to footwear of the latest trends. Next to the first cobbler's tools, true archaeological finds, you’ll find many historical documents, photographs that mark the social development of the local community.

In addition to tools and machinery for the production of shoes, there are models of footwear really worn and used by sports stars on the occasion of the achievements of their primates - Olympic medals, mountaineering feats and records – then there are functional copies to the reconstruction of the history of local footwear. The archive also keeps, 700 deposited patents and a collection of about fifty years of catalogs of major historic brands.

Nowadays, in an economic time and especially social change, who participates and lives the Association sees the museum as a space where companies, authorities and citizens return to be the real conscious creators of the territory and the social dimension, economic and cultural, an opportunity to understand the great cultural heritage, the entrepreneurship teaching "alive and vital", so as to feed the urge to build a future with pride trying to live up to the roots of the past.