Dersut, The Coffee Museum


The museum’s motto "...from plant to the cup, the itinerary through the history of coffee", describes the visitor’s journey through the whole coffee making process, from the bean to the cup, passing through the machine that has come to make the espresso what it is today. Italian Traditions invites you to visit the greatest museum in the Belpaese dedicated exclusively to coffee!

Conegliano is a city in Veneto known for its production of prosecco sparkling wine and grappa, which also shares a very historic reality linked with the elaboration of coffee. This productive reality is honored by the name of “Dersut”, a museum dedicated to the popularity of the beverage and to the equipment used for its production and consumption. The museum was officially inaugurated in October of 2010 on the wishes of Count Giorgio Caballini of Sassoferrato, CEO of the coffee company Dersut Caffè S.p.a. ( local history coffee roaster since 1949) and president of the group Triveneto Torrefattori Caffè, with the help of his daughter Laura. Just a few steps away from the city center, the previous outbuilding was completely renovated and turned into the museum, located close to the company headquarters. It occupies a space of about 600 meters squared in a total of two floors.

With its artistic display, the exhibitions spans all 360 degrees of the coffee world, and does so along a very special coffee mug path. It consists of four thematic sections: the coffee plant, the history of roasting, the history of grinding and of the coffee pot followed by the history of the espresso machine. It is all accompanied by extensive documentation of photographs regarding the company. The exhibition ends in the tasting and training room on the top floor of the structure. The space is designed with the most modern teaching equipment, made for theoretical and practical courses for professionals, courses which were established from the desire to spread the culture of the Italian espresso. There is also a heated greenhouse inside the museum where you can get a look at the Coffea Arabica plants.

The museum has obtained the patronage of the city of Conegliano, and in 2013 it was inducted into the official Network of Treviso Museums, a link between 58 major museums of the province, with the aim of enhancing the cultural heritage of the area. It is opened to the pubic every first Saturday of the month with a free guided tour from 14:00-18:00. In the month of June, July and August it is only opened for group reservations. At the adjacent café Bottega del Caffè, you can have an espresso and taste any new company items, as well as buy the attractively packaged coffee to remember your visit.

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